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Much of what is mailed today makes a number of postal stops along the way in order to go through various processes such as routing and sorting.  At SureWay we offer a unique capability where we postal verify your mail in our mail shop and then load the verified mail onto one or more trucks and ship it to the appropriate postal centers.  Not only does this allow you to reap the maximum postal discounts available, it also saves time, meaning your mailing reaches its audience much faster than if it has to go through the standard processes.  In essence, we are able bypass a lot of the postal service infrastructure which is especially important today due to the consolidation of postal processing facilities throughout the country.

Many of the Hearing Care Professionals that we serve are involved in event marketing where the timing of their mail into market is most critical.  Our unique mail distribution logistics enables us to serve this critical timing requirement on a national basis.

Contact us today for more information on how SureWay can properly time your next mailing.  

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