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Testimonials - Our Direct Mail Works

Don't take our word for it - Here's what our clients have to say!

"I have been lucky enough to have worked with SureWay for a number of years.  Prior to having SureWay's help I struggled with my marketing needs and now they make everything so easy.  They are wonderfully talented, they are attentive to my requests and requirements, they have tremendous incite and expertise in what is effective for marketing materials and they are professional, kind and have great senses of humor.

The inserts, fliers, newsletters, miscellaneous posters, and help writing ad content are lovely, professional, and effective.

They have also helped this techno-phobic person put together and maintain excel databases that have given me peace of mind that I am not sending invitations to grieving families or people who have moved away - ensuring that my marketing budget is not being wasted.

I can't say enough good things about this group, they have made my job of marketing a breeze.  They are patient, keep me on track and I wouldn't be able to do the marketing piece of my job without them.  I highly recommend them to any practice.
Liza, E., M.A., FAAA - New Hampshire

"SureWay is the most reliable and dependable print marketing company I have worked with.  They regularly go above and beyond for their clients, providing added services that other print companies simply don’t, including advice and suggestions for projects.  Attention to detail is key when you are doing any kind of print marketing, and knowing that SureWay is double checking everything adds a level of confidence and assurance that our projects will be as successful as possible.  SureWay is not just a vendor, they are a partner invested in our success as much as we are."
Kathy, H. - New Jersey

“I have been in the hearing aid industry well over 20 years and the pieces SureWay has put together are not only the most professional and dignified pieces I have ever seen but they are also very effective. With the active senior clientele we cater to, we have to provide digital technology, style and professionalism. Then relay that message through marketing. SureWay has done a great job doing just that and the results have been phenomenal. During our Open House promotions in October and January we generated 90+ units in just four days. In a community of less than one hundred thousand people, that is impressive.”
Gary, H., ACA – Texas

“I wanted to say thank you for the professional invitations and personal service you did for our company with our lunch n' learn. We sent 2500 invitations; we received 32 total responses and scheduled each one of them to our offices. We have already sold 4 units and fit 4 more units for a risk free demonstration. This is only day 2 for patients to be seen after the lunch n' learn. We look forward to partnering with you in the future however I want to truly thank you. You created a great piece and help this small practice spring forward!!”
Beth K., Au.D. - Pennsylvania

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU and let you know the attendance results to our luncheon event. We mailed 8,100 invitations, took 88 reservations and put 32 on a waiting list. Actual attendees were 79 and 62% made reservations. I’ve now found a GREAT proprietary piece that is proven.
Thanks for you help!”
Jackie J., Au.D. – North Carolina

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