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Database Marketing

Your patient database is one of your most valuable assets and a very important marketing tool. It’s your "low hanging fruit!"  It’s your opportunity for upgrades or to sell to your previously tested but not sold prospects. With competitors vying for your patient’s attention, it is extremely important that your practice remains front and center.

We have various product offerings such as personalize letters, community seminar invitations, seasonal newsletters, etc.

Create the Perfect Personalized Communication

Our personalized database letters make it easy to create a unique One2One communication with your patients when it is time for an upgrade or to market to those prospects that have been previously tested but were not ready to purchase. It has been our experience that a personalized letter offering a risk-free trial might be the best way to get them back into your office.

Remember: If you are not mailing to your patients, your competition is!

Database Maintenance Guide

According to the Post Office, database mailing lists deteriorate at a rate of 2% a month. Each year, as much as 20-25% of your mailing list can become inaccurate. Without removing these defunct records, especially the deceased, a significant amount of resources can be wasted on mailing to undeliverable or incorrect addresses or handling the phone calls from irate relatives of the deceased.

Your internal database is one of your most valuable assets! By maintaining an accurate and clean database, you can “harvest the low hanging fruit” of this profitable group with relevant, accurate, and timely marketing campaigns.

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